How to Setup & Install 123.HP.Com Wireless Printer

HP Printers are one of the best printers on the market. They are perfect for the office, home or even home office. Wireless printers can be a bit of a hassle to setup. If you are having any troubles with the printer setup or want a step-by-step guide to setup your new wireless HP Printer you are in the right place.

To setup your new HP printer, you first need to plug in the power cord, turn on the printer and install the cartridge. Let the printer go through the startup routine. You can choose any of the connections mentioned here – Ethernet, HP wireless auto connector USB.

If you choose to connect via Ethernet cable, plug the cable into the printer and you can skip to installing printer software. Note that using an Ethernet cable will automatically disable the printer’s wireless system.

HP wireless auto-connect is the recommended method to choose and choosing so will automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network you have. 

To install the software for the printer, make sure that your computer and printer are connected to the same network.  Also, make sure that you are downloading the software for both printer and computer and is intended for your computer OS and printer model.

Next, follow the on-screen instructions. When the screen prompts, select the “Network (Ethernet/Wireless)” connection type and then choose “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended)”. And the rest will be taken care by HP software. Then, follow the on-screen directions to finish the installation of the hp printer.

In case your HP printer doesn’t have a display, you can use a USB connection (temporary connection) to connect to your printer and computer. Here, the HP software will not find the printer on a network and you will be guided to temporarily create a wireless connection for the printer.

What Does URL Mean?

Visiting this URL will give you access to downloading the software you need for the setup of the printer. Type this URL into your address bar on your computer and it will take you to the website.

When reaching this website, click on the Download button and the file will start downloading. Once your file is downloaded, you can install the downloaded software by following the on-screen instructions.

This software will help you install printer drivers and software on your computer, connect your printer to the Wi-Fi, load paper and install cartridges. It will also help you in creating an HP account and register your printer.

123.HP.COM/SETUP - If you are looking for hp printer setup then visit the URL or directly  Click here

How Do I Setup my 123.HP.Com Printer Without CD?

If you do not have CD or not choose to install your printer with CD. Wait, who even uses a CD nowadays?! Well, you have 2 options to install your printer without the CD.

The simple and recommended way to install is via software over wireless network or Wi-Fi. Make sure that your computer and printer is connected to the same network and go to this link –

Type this URL in your address bar on your computer and it will take you the HP official website where you can download a software. Download the software and install it on your computer by following on screen instructions. 

The second way for setup hp printer is to use a USB cable. In this case you need to get a cable which is compatible and supports both computer and printer. If you don’t have such cable, you can easily get it in a store or online. Connect the cable to your computer and turn on the printer. Now, navigate to the Printers and Scanners in the Settings. Next, click on “Add a printer or scanner” and you will see your printer’s model or name on the screen. Click on that and follow the on screen installation to finish setting up your HP printer.

How to Connect 123.HP.Com Printer Setup with MAC?

You can easily connect your HP printer to MAC using HP Smart App which is available for MAC and iOS devices and computers. Download the HP Smart application from the Mac App store or Apple Store and install the software by following the on screen instructions.

Make sure that the printer is in the range of Wi-Fi network and that it is connected on that same network on both MAC device and printer. Also, see to it that printer is loaded with paper in the main tray and turn on the printer.

After installation of the HP Smart application, open the application to setup the printer. The application should automatically detect the printer after which follow the instructions to complete the hp wireless printer setup. In case the app doesn’t recognize the printer, you can manually add the printer by clicking on the plus sign. Complete the setup by following on screen instructions. 

Now you will be able to print any document, email or picture from your Mac device easily.

123.HP.COM/Setup How to Print from Mobile Using HP Printer?

You can easily print from any android mobile which has Android 5.0 or above. The first step is to install the HP Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store. Then, see if your mobile phone and printer is connected to the same network. 

If your android device is running on Android 7.0 (Nougat) or above, it will automatically turn on the plugin after installation. In case you are running on Android 5.0 (Marshmallow) or Android 6.0 (Lollipop) you need to go to Settings, search and open HP Print service and turn on the plugin.

You can print any document, email, webpages, and pictures from the Android apps. Open the item you want to print from your phone. Tap on the Menu icon and then tap on Print. If the app you are using doesn’t have a Print option, you can tap the Share icon in the Share or Export or Send option, and then select HP Print Service Plugin or Print icon. On the next preview screen select your HP printer model from the list of printers. Change any print settings if you need and tap on Print. Your document is printed!